How I’m transitioning to the Alkaline Electric lifestyle

I won’t pretend I haven’t been down this road before because I have. However, for years I have had this nagging feeling I really need to get my health together. I’ve had what feels like millions of attempts and failed miserably. Of course, with age comes a lot of things. Wisdom, that ticking clock 👀, growth and just an overall desire to become a better you.

So anyway, I’ve known better for years but didn’t do better. I’m tired of the same ol’ lifestyle, looking old as hell, feeling tired, aching body, overweight, and the likes. So, I’ve made up my mind. I’m doing the damn thang.

I went ahead and ordered a few cookbooks, I already have my herbs on deck and I am reading books regarding health in various aspects. To be honest, I’m really enjoying it, the body is so amazing.

Let’s jump into this entire lifestyle change game plan that I have for myself.


I am adopting the Alkaline electric diet as created by Dr. Sebi. You can find the foods from the list here. I got this list a few years ago and have been trying different foods from the list, making dishes here and there over the years, using new spices and sampling various teas, etc. It’s straight forward.

Another thing that Dr. Sebi gets into is herbs. Herbs are healing and full of minerals that our body needs. Even eating relatively healthy, we are probably still coming up short in the nutrition department. There are numerous alkaline herbs and I take what I feel is best for me, but the herbs are vital. I like to think of them as a multivitamin – in liquid form and straight from mother nature.

Now ideally, I want to strive for fruit and vegetables in their natural form to make up the bulk of my diet with a cooked meal once a day. That seemed impossible to me a few years ago but when I read Dick Gregory’s book, it really all came together. Here’s a sample day of eating that I’m aiming for:

  • Breakfast – Herbal Tea
  • Lunch – Fruit
  • Dinner – Salad and / or a cooked meal


The aim is a gallon of spring water a day. Hydration is key here. The spring water keeps your body hydrated and helps to move things along. I have a 32 ounce mason jar so my daily goal is to drink 4 of those a day. I’m at home often, which helps because the bathroom trips are insane.

Oh, before I forget, I try my best to eat a lot of water rich fruit. Right now it’s watermelon season so I’ve been having watermelon every single day. 🍉 It’s so good!!!


Working out is one of those things I was doing in my 20s to try and lose weight. I’ve done bootcamps, Zumba, Insanity and everything in between. I’m over it. I’m not doing all that anymore unless it’s something I want to do for fun… not for weight loss. My game plan here is to do what people in other countries do and that is simply walk. I will throw in some morning and night time stretching because I truly feel a difference when I stretch but that’s it.

Other activities that fit under exercise will strictly be done for personal enjoyment.


My sleep habits for the past few years have been horrible. I stay up to 12am or 1am on a daily basis. In a book I’m currently reading, the author talks about thyroid issues and how it affects the body. Literally, the whole body. She goes on to mention poor diet, lack of sleep and stress being potential culprits. I’ve made a decision to be in bed by 9:30pm every night.

Air and Sunlight

Yes, quality air and sunlight is important. Thankfully, we bought a house a few months ago and have a mini forest in our backyard. I try to fill my days by going out and sitting in the sun, hanging out on the deck, or kicking back in a chair with a good book. It’s important for me to get outside everyday. I feel a lot better when I do it.

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