My seeded watermelon fast experience

On July 28, 2021, I started a fruit and vegetable fast to help me transition to the Dr. Sebi Alkaline Electric lifestyle. It ended up being multiple days of eating only watermelon. And I have to say, it has been one of the most enjoyable fasts that I have ever done. No lie, it was effortless. So naturally, I want to share what I experienced in case it can help anybody out there.

Why I chose watermelon.

I decided to do watermelon for a variety of reasons. It’s mainly water, it’s my favorite fruit, it’s cleansing and it is cheap considering the amount you get. I thought watermelon would be perfect because it was a food that I could really eat all day, everyday without getting bored. I love sweet stuff (one of the reasons I desperately needed to transition) and watermelon is super sweet. It feeds my sweet tooth and it’s healthy for me. That’s a win-win kind of situation right there!

However, if you are familiar with the teachings of Dr. Sebi, then you know you can’t just eat any watermelon. It must be a seeded watermelon. Although, it seems like everywhere you look there are those sub-par, basketball looking, seedless watermelons in every supermarket – the good news is, with a little bit of looking you can find seeded watermelon.

Find seeded watermelon:

✅ At your local farmers market

✅ By the truckload from a farmer (my fave option)

✅ Sprouts Farmers Market

✅ Various supermarkets

10 days on nothing but watermelon

Let me tell you, eating nothing but watermelon every single day is glorious!! I enjoyed it so much. I shouldn’t even call it a fast because it did not feel like one. I would eat anywhere from 1 to 2 meals of watermelon. I know some people like to snack all through the day, but I didn’t do that. I sat down and ate it as lunch or dinner, always after 12pm.

I didn’t weigh myself prior to the fast because weight loss, while a bonus, was not my intention. My intention of eating only watermelon was to help break my food addiction and help me to easily transition to the Dr. Sebi Alkaline Electric diet.

Watermelon fasting weekly updates

I wrote detailed posts about each week of my watermelon fast. They are very insightful because I experienced a happy high in the first week but in the second week it was a complete shift. Make sure you check them out.

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