Week 2 of a seeded watermelon fast

I’m actually a little late with writing this but I think it’s better to be late than to not get it out at all. Plus I just love going back and reading the things I’ve experienced or that I have written about. Besides, I plan on doing many watermelon fasts in the future and I know I will be revisiting this post to prepare me later.

I wrote about my first 7 days on the watermelon fast here. It’s pretty detailed so make sure you check it out. Now let’s go ahead and get into the details for week 2.

Why even watermelon fast๐Ÿ‰

People have their own reasons for fasting in general but I decided to fast on watermelon because I wanted to break my food addiction. I’ve been trying to transition to an Alkaline Lifestyle (the one by Dr. Sebi) for a long time. I’ve tried many meals over the years but would always revert back. I had a very strong craving for sweets, cookies, cakes, pies and the like. Fasting to some degree was an absolute must for me.

My daily routine

What routine? At this point my routine completely changed. It was nonexistent. I found myself needing to sleep in longer and even after I woke up, I needed time to just lay in bed before I actually got up. It was like my body was tired to some degree. My guess is that it has been really doing some deep cleaning or working.


My energy decreased. I didn’t bother walking or working out intentionally. The most I did was go out in the yard and walk around the yard barefoot. I also sat in the sun and soaked in some rays. But neither of these would be considered exercise of any form.

Water Intake

I stopped taking in so much water around this time. I felt sooo bloated…. and nauseous!!! I would wake up and it would be hard for me to drink water because my body just did not want it. I think eating all this watermelon ( which is 92% water by the way) and drinking all that water was a recipe for disaster. I was so bloated and continued to be a few days after I stopped my watermelon only fast.

I decreased my water intake during this time to no more than 2 quarts. I felt much better after doing that but like I said, it took a few days for it to subside.

My experience from days 8-10

I know this post says week 2 but the truth is that I actually stopped on day 11. I did a full 10 days on watermelon and then on day 11 I decided to eat cooked food. I am happy with my choice but I experienced a different amount of detox symptoms than from my previous 7 days so I think it’s worth sharing.

I noticed that the longer I stayed on the watermelon fast, the more symptoms I noticed. Not only that, but you will see things were slower. It’s weird to explain but it was like the world slowed down… but I’m sure it was just me. I moved slower in general but it only felt slower because I was comparing it to when I wasn’t fasting. Here are some things I experienced eating only watermelon.

  • Heart beat slowing
  • Needed to stay in bed longer than usual
  • Diarrhea
  • Moving slower
  • Clothes loosening up
  • Waist feels like its shrinking
  • Booty becoming more defined


Wow!! I made it 10 beautiful days on a watermelon fast. I’m really proud of myself. Oh and you know what else. The weird thing is, during this time, I actually enjoyed cooking for my family. It became such a loving process.

In closing

Doing a watermelon fast has been wonderful. I plan on doing a mono watermelon fast at least once every year during the watermelon season. The fruit is abundant and so sweet!!

Are you doing a watermelon fast? Let me know in the comments!๐Ÿ˜Š

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